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View of the World, Glass Half Full Part 1

Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Part 1

I have been doing a lot of deep thinking lately about what direction I want to take in my life. The problem is not having an idea, but having too many ideas and not a strong focus. But the beautiful thing about me, is I’m willing to try anything to get to my ultimate goal which is to be successful and help people and the planet. What exactly do I want to do? Well, I’m glad you asked. Everyone on the planet knows that there is a problem in which humans conduct themselves on this planet.

Energy is dirty, plastic is chocking the oceans, we have lost 80% of all forest in the world, and our food is contaminated with chemicals. In fact, most of your house hold products contain chemicals you shouldn’t be around. And the worst thing of all, USA education budget is 3-5%, and education has taken a down fall. But why? Why is all of this happening when we know there needs to be change or we will kill the planet? The answer is the rulers are corrupt and the masses are distracted from the real problems in the world. Sure, we have the COVID going on right now, but if you study history for the last 5,000 years, you will discover pandemics are not new. And civil distress, also not new. And I don’t want to go into the privatization of prisons, which is causing a lot of that civil separation, but maybe I’ll just touch on the subject. When you can make profit from imprisoning people, people are harassed by the police, and there should be no quota for the police to make money, that makes police officers harass the public. And what about poverty, in America we used to have an awesome middle class, but the corporation or the super-rich have decided to outsource, let go of American jobs, and the middle class is shrinking. This idea that the super-rich will take care of the poor has proven not to work, as the super elite are very tight with their money, and the trickle system is not effective. But it’s not all bad, Americans are fat, lazy, and ordering a ton of crap off the internet just like they are supposed to, b/c they’ve been trained to be consumers and materialist. So, how did we get here? Well, it’s b/c technology has been repressed. Remember the water car in the 90’s, that was a real piece of technology.

And Free energy generators developed a 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla are still being repressed. But I’m not the one to sit around and complain without offering a solution, and the solution is clean energy, and upgrading our entire system. The way we grow food, the way we create wood and paper, the way we use energy, the way we do construction, and the way that we conduct ourselves with the planet, our home, a living breathing organism that if we destroy, we destroy ourselves. Humans have the capabilities to change the planet. We can regrow the trees, we can clean the oceans, we can clean up our energy, we can change the way we grow food in order to not destroy the soil, the water systems, steal water from the water systems (rivers), and even the way we raise animals (which we need to lower our meat intake way down, which has been proven to be better for us).

There is so much that we can do, but addictive platforms like IG, Facebook, YouTube, and so on are not feeding you useful information. It’s distracting you from the real problems so you eat your too much meat, get sick, treat the symptoms and not the source, purchase new clothes b/c your gaining weight, and totally lose touch with your daily habits. When did Americans stop reading? Why are libraries dying? Libraries should be books and digital resources for people to learn for free. My small town had a beautiful library that my grandmother used to take me all the time, and I came to the city thinking it was be even better, and it was not, I was shocked!

My good friend told me to leave a call to action, and my call is to unite and use all of the free information to our advantage! MIT students share with us your ideas, Harvard students teach us how to morally change a broken political system that serves the people and the environment, celebrities, make it cool to be aware of what products you buy like non toxic shampoo, soap, etc, and all powerful influential people I dare you to make Earth Day cool and create a movement where everyone plants a tree. We have billions of people able to plant one tree, and we should plant billions of trees every year, there is no excuse. All systems in nature give back to the environment, why are humans the only species that creates “waste”? Nature does not waste, nature uses everything.

As the most intelligent creature on Earth, it is our responsibility to conduct ourselves in a progressive matter, and change the damage that we have created. The industrial age has gotten us to this point, but that system no longer serves us. Oil companies, lumber companies, sugar companies, you hold the power, and instead of being the bad guys, why not be the good guys? Why not change the planet for the better? Can you imagine oil companies all united and started a movement to create clean energy in all it’s forms?

And lumber, now that hemp is legal, we know that a strong “wood” can be made from hemp, and paper! I’m just saying since we won’t be eating it, this is where good GMO’s would come in handy! And sugar companies, it’s time to change your growing practices, and stop bleaching sugar, bleach is not good, and we have way too much of it in our systems. Bleach (chlorine) in the water we bathe in, bleached bread, bleached sugar, bleached tampons (bleached cotton), and the list goes on! We humans are strong, and despite all of these things we are still thriving and it is the best time to live in history. It’s so easy to live (and thrive) compared to how it used to be, and that will lead me into part 2 why it’s so great to live right now, the best time in history, but I bring up these topics to get you thinking, curious, and researching a little bit. Take your 2 hours of internet surfing take 1 hour and educate yourself! Also, I highly recommend “Down to Earth” Documentary on Netflix, it’s a positive upbeat doc about what’s good in the world right now, starting with renewable energy! Well, I hope that you are moved by this article, it was very hard for me to publish this, b/c people are so afraid of hearing things they don’t like to hear, but with the world on fire, someone needs to have the bravery to talk about the truth, and provide real solutions. It is the responsibility of the government and people to make sure that the human race survives and that means that the planet must survive, and that means we have to think about solutions that can be applied now. Thank you for listening!

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