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Thought Energy, Control Your Reality

Electrons of Energy and Spirituality

God gave me a gift to see complex ideals and simplify them, whether it be quantum physics, economics, or human behavior (by far the more complex one). Now, even though it’s a gift, I’ve had to do a ton of research in science and the incredible human in order to get to the place that I am today. I am still reading, I am self-reflecting in order to understand myself, and the ones around me. But one thing I keep seeing is the energy, electromagnetism, and thought paradigms. So, without further ado, let’s dip into the thoughts, how they are energy, and how thoughts effect your reality.

First, let’s talk about mood. If you are in a good mood, you are more energy b/c you are not expending your energy to create the fight or flight chemicals/hormones to survive. When you are stressed, say traffic or a stressful day at work, you are in fight and flight mode, you are producing more stress chemicals, your emotion is high, and your intelligence is low. This is why you will see a couple screaming at each other not saying anything, b/c they have lost intelligence, and now are all emotion (fighting is the lowest form of communication). The crazy thing is there are many people talking about the science of this, the actual chemistry versus (electromagnetic) energy in the body in different states of mental moods.

I love Tony Robbins, and in one of his talks he was talking about energy in a stressed state, and how when the body is more acid (which it is when it is stressed), it’s more protons and less electrons. In this state you are more matter than you are energy. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about how when you are in the survival mode you are more matter than energy. You are producing chemicals, your thoughts are limited to fight or flight, and here you are more human matter than energy. Wim Hof talks about changing the chemistry of the blood with breathing exercises, when you hyperventilate you saturate your body with oxygen, and oxygen changes your pH from acidic, it raises your pH to an alkaline state. And going back to protons and electrons, when you have more electrons in your body, your body is able to bond to the oxygen molecule more rapidly and carry more oxygen to your body. So just so you’re not confused I’ll list it out. And not to get too off topic, when changing your diet to a plant-based diet, to an alkaline diet (pH 7 or higher), plants help alkaline your blood, and plants help you get oxygen to your blood, Dr. Sebi who fought and won against Congress about curing ALL disease taught this through a very strict vegan diet. As you can see there is more than one way to skin a cat (sorry to all you vegans out there, but in my defense, your cat is a carnivore, remember that!). Okay, now that I’ve offended some of my very kind hearted vegans, let me do a little break down.

1. Acid blood/body- more protons less electrons- disease thrives here

2. Blood with a higher pH (7 or higher)- means more electrons bonding to more oxygen- disease does not like this environment- you are literally more energy

3. Hyperventilating (breathing really hard to saturate the body with oxygen)- will saturate the body with oxygen, this with raise the pH of your blood on it’s own, and you will obtain more electrons (energy) through this method.

4. Alkaline blood through plant based diet- more oxygen, more energy

When the body is more breath, more electrons, more oxygen, with a higher blood pH, then in turn you are more energy, and less matter. So, let’s talk about E=MC². These are two different states that equal each other. The theory of the unified field theory is basically everything is connected, but if you are more energy, and less matter, are you more connected to the energy field?

Books like the “Intention Experiment” where thoughts are put through scientific experiments are seen to have a physical effect on the environment. Dr. Joe Dispenza healing people with meditation and helping people move out of the survival state and into the thriving state with thought and belief alone, there is amazing stuff going on out there! Science and spirituality are coming together as one, but there is still so much that we don’t know, but what we do know are healthy thoughts, and healthy diet are a sure way to improve your life overall. So, take a moment to absorb all this, and think to yourself, are my thoughts positive or is that little voice in my head actually really negative?

After I read the book “The Power of Now”, I thought after I stopped talking to myself negativity that’s all I needed, but as I’ve continued my journey, I’ve also learned that my perception of life had to be addressed. Life was happening to me, I was a victim, and I wasn’t happening to life and controlling my reality. I was too poor, b/c I came from a poor family, and I couldn’t catch a break in life, I was too brown, no-one believed in me, I was a woman, I didn’t have enough experience, my education wasn’t advanced enough, and when I finally started to look at all my excuses, the only real one, was me. I was standing in my own way making excuses. Self-made millionaires came from poor families with no education, Oprah was a black woman, and so on and so forth, I had to change my thought energy. And it’s not easy, I’m still reading the books, still listening to the videos of Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Tom Bilyeu, and the list goes on. Education is not college and stop, education never stops, and neither should you. Never stop striving for your dreams, b/c remember you must fail over and over again to arrive to your success like a child learning to walk. If you don’t know how much effort you need to apply, just use the 10,000 hour rule, and you will get there. Whatever you need to do, don’t stop. You are only limited by your thoughts, and your thoughts are energy, they are real, they are you.

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