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Sugar Report Intro

Introduction to Audrey:

Hi, I’m Audrey, a contributing writer to Bee the Change. I’m grateful to be able to share what I have learned with you as we continue to grow. I hope that it will help you observe our world with greater confidence and presence. I am passionate about practices, people and knowledge that inspire greater health, choice and freedom. In my life passion has driven me to explore many spiritual traditions, cultivate a dedicated martial arts practice and seek out ways to share what I learn along the journey.

Introduction to Sugar Report:

Did you know that every molecule has the capacity to burn sugar as fuel? That means sugar, in its many forms, is available all over the planet and not just on store shelves but in plants, soils, fruits, etc.

Sugar has gotten a bad rap which is certainly deserved in many respects, our overconsumption and addiction to sugary food is causing an epidemic of health and economic hardship. Yet sugar itself is not all bad.

Moving forward we are going to explore the good, the bad and the ugly of sugar. We will look from multiple perspectives to reveal what it is, the purpose it serves and what forces are at play inside ourselves and the economy driving our addictions to its sweetness.

The good: our bodies have evolved masterfully to utilize sugar as fuel and reinforce habits that promote survival adaptability. The bad: as much as ¾ of all grocery store foods contain sugar, it can be found lurking in unexpected places. The ugly: the creation of artificial sweeteners and propaganda to support sugar consumption has an unhealthy history in our country.

Stay tuned for a series of upcoming articles delving into the mechanics of sugar. The intention is to provide knowledge so you feel empowered to make the best healthy choices for your body. Our inner world and outer world influence our most precious commodity, our attention. Hopefully, you will gain an expanded awareness to recognize that there is more involved than our individual choice of what to consume, sugar is a part of our world beyond good or bad.

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