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Success Measured in Happiness

It’s come to my attention over and over again, that I am putting energy into becoming the person I believe that I’m meant to be, b/c I believe in creating a beautiful life, and serving others. I have always known my purpose was to help people, and love the animals (6 year old me’s exact statement). Those two things have taken form in many different ways. I used to design machinery (for fun) b/c I wanted to bring a whole new type of energy to the world to stop pollution (save the animals). Before I went to college I wanted to be a veterinarian. When I was in college I studied Japanese and French b/c I wanted to do international business (love the people). I minored in psychology b/c I thought maybe a counselor was the way to go, b/c my friends used to tell me I always gave great advise. The point is I’ve tried many different things that have accumulated my knowledge to what it is now.

When I graduated from college, I was lost, in many ways. I was depressed, and dealing with a very serious issue in my life that required all of my attention. But when I was 27 years old, I decided, to try again. I like to think of it as the giant waking up for the second time. Apparently, is a slow and sleepy giant, b/c it’s taken a while to get moving! But moving forward is all that matter, no matter how slow.

I could sit here and tell you all the hardships and crap in my life, but not today. No, I’m here to talk about creating a successful life for yourself, whatever that looks like to you. Notice, I didn’t say money, I said success. Success looks different for us all, and that’s a very beautiful thing. I will share my experience with you these last 3 years.

When I first came to back to Dallas, I had just turned 30 years old, I had made up my mind (again) I was going to become successful, and I was going to become an entrepreneur. October, 2018 I hit a road block, and I immediately fell into a depression. There I was feeling lost, and I didn’t know what to do. But despite hardship, I kept hunting for an opportunity, and I found an opportunity that expanded my horizons.

I found myself working for a very wealthy couple in home health care, then I found myself assisting a billionaire’s wife, then I was a personal chef for another formal billionaire (they gave all the money way to the children), and there was no turning back mentally. The last couple I worked for, he had started from nothing, he was a salesman who worked his tail off, and through tenacity and hard work, became a very successful man, no silver spoon needed. I had been officially inspired.

So, my next job was in sales (how curious). I was making a ton of money in sales, but I found myself empty. Though I needed the experience, what I was realizing was, the money doesn’t bring fulfillment. It brings security and stability, but not happiness. So, I was going to have to try again, and restructure my whole plan. But now, I knew that I could sale, and make connections with people. Just another skill on the check list of life’s journey!

So, now I get to decide; what sort of life, do I want to live? What does success look like to me? Short answer…

Doing what I love every day, and being financially free. My mantra now is.

“I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Free;

I am Healthy, I am Wealthy, I am Wise;

I am here to serve the People, and the Planet!”

The book I am listening to now “Do what you Love, and Love what you Do”, makes a very good point.

The average human has 29,000 days of life, and the average person spends 10,000 of those days working. If you are going to spend a 1/3 of your life working, you should enjoy that part of your already short and finite life. Think about that for a second. What are you doing with your life, and are you doing the things that you love now? I love writing, so every day I do what I love, I write, that way I can do the thing I love, every day.

Life is an experiment. We are meant to try things and fail, then try something new. But we are meant to keep looking for the things that brings us happiness. Happiness and fulfillment looks different for us all, and that’s the beautiful thing about life, is we are all creators of our reality. We are all connected, but we all have free will.

I dare you write down what happiness and success look like for you. If you can make them the same thing great! If it needs to be you work your job, and then climb mountains in the summer, great! Please share with me your visions of your dream/ideal reality! Till then, remember that you too can


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