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Learn How to Vibrate: Channeling Positivity

Humans are amazing creatures. The most incredible thing about us is that we’re intelligent beings with freewill. What does that mean? This means that within the laws of society, we are free to do whatever we please with our lives. We can choose to go a million different paths, and it’s your choice!

Humans are also habitual creatures. We do the same things every day: you eat, work, see the same people, watch Netflix at a certain time, etc, etc. So, let me ask you some questions:

  • What do you fill your life and reality with?

  • Do you have like-minded friends?

  • Is your partner pushing you to grow and improve or simply be the best you?

  • What sort of music do you fill your head with? Is it all about violence, drugs, and meaningless sex? Does it encourage you and bring up your morale, stimulating you in creative ways?

  • How about what you follow on Instagram? Is it all shallow and negative things? Are you watching the failures of others for entertainment? Or watching drunk people fall on their face because they’re being irresponsible? Is your Instagram full of “hot & sexy” strangers you lust over?

What do you fill your brain with on a daily basis?

I know people that wake up and watch the news every morning. Personally, it seems like murder for breakfast. It doesn’t make me feel good about myself or others; it makes me fearful and separate from the world. Honestly, my favorite example is trash TV; that’s literally why it’s nicknamed that! The point is: you vibrate on the level of things you surround yourself with and allow into your brain. Are the people in your life constantly complaining and trash-talking or are they motivated and uplifting? Most music, social media, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube, world news, cable TV… all of these things can be used to your advantage or they can hinder your progress.

You’re made of Atoms and those atoms are made of energy. Music waves are energy, both voices and sound waves. The sounds of the people you talk to are made of energy. All forms of entertainment are processed in your mind. They form into a certain brain energy and memory, which in turn, takes energy to store. Ultimately, you’re affected but what you surround yourself with.

There’s a saying: if all of your friends are broke, you are destined to be broke. If all your friends are rich, you are destined to be rich. Studies show most people make the average of those they’re closest to.

Where to Start?

So, what can you do? Well, start where I did and let go of all the negative stuff! I had to delete toxic Instagram followers, negative music, toxic friendships, and even toxic family members. I don’t watch TV and I use YouTube only for inspiration. Start by finding the negativity in your life and remove what brings you down or holds you back.

Trust me, I get it, it’s hard. This year is the first time since I was 18 years old, I didn’t have a birthday party. I have plenty of friends, I just didn’t want to be around my old bad habits of drinking too much, among other things. It’s important to know yourself. Become more mindful of the things you allow in your brain, regardless of how difficult change may feel. Be aware of what you bring into your social circle, your social media, music, and any other place you reside during your free time using your own free will.

Do you like what you see or is it time to change something? This is the first step of learning how to vibrate. You must actively seek to fill your mind, life, and reality with the things you see fit and accessible for you.

If you loved this article, please share with your friends and family. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, that could be your first step to changing your vibration!

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