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Know Thy Enemy, Usually it's You

Are you, your own enemy? Are you, your biggest supporter, or biggest critic (it's usually a little bit of both)? Are you creating habits that will move you towards your goals, or are you indulging in mindless content (Netflix, Social Media, etc)? Your biggest enemy is your negative thinking, limiting beliefs, blame, complaining, and lack of courage to move in-spite of fear or fear of failure.

On this Journey of Self-Mastery, and in the spirit of the New Year, I usually ask myself this time of year, what is something I can work on?

I listened to a Podcast yesterday “The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial”- Episode The Law of 100. What he basically was talking about was do something (a Goal) for 100 days without missing, and it will become a reality. He touched on Jerry Seinfeld’s “don’t break the streak”. Jerry Seinfeld is known for his hack to put a red X on the calendar every day he wrote a joke, and he never broke the streak and become the wealthiest comedian ever. Or, I’m sure you’ve heard 21 days to create a habit, 90 days to create a lifestyle. The books Mastery, Atomic Habits, and many other resources touch on this idea of do it EVERYDAY!

Know thy Enemy. If you look back in my blog post, I wrote a blog called the “30 Day Challenge” followed by a public announcement of my failure. October 11, 2021, I made a pack with myself to wake up at 4am every day no exceptions. That humble pie just keeps presenting it self, take another large bite. Unfortunately, I have failed at both of those challenges along with the bootcamp Challenge I presented to myself, to do everything I thought I was interested in for 30 days to see what I was interested and failed after a week. So, why do I keep failing? I propose it’s b/c I try to do everything at once.

Here is the Boot Camp List from 9-21-2021:

1. Make a Veggie Smoothie post on IG

2. Run 1 mile, stretch(yoga), abs

3. Draw for 15 mins

4. Write short Sci-Fi Stories for 15 mins

5. Study Physics 15 mins

6. Spanish 15 mins

7. Cold Shower

8. Blog about Bootcamp and diet Progress

9. Study E-com on IG or YouTube 15 mins

10. Journal

11. Read book

12. Read an article

13. Read another book

All while I was on this smoothie diet, only eating one solid meal a day. And I wonder, how could I have failed?! I love to challenge myself, but the thing I’ve learned is I have trouble focusing on one thing, and sticking to it. I want to do 10 things, and can’t sustain the pressure, obnoxious schedule, and get disheartened when I fail. But let me make one thing clear, I am all about failing. That boot camp above was inspired by a quote by Elon Musk (probably taken out of context) where he said,

“Stop being patient with start asking yourself, how do I accomplish my ten year plan in 6 months? You’ll probably fail, but you’ll be a lot further along than the person who simply accepted it was going to take ten years.”

In all fairness, I didn’t have a solid 10-year plan. I failed, but one thing the failed bootcamp taught me was, break up the goals. You don’t have to accomplish them all at one time. You can either be like a light bulb or like a laser beam.

Focus on one thing at a time and burn doors open, or focus on a ton of things and just be a dim light heating up the room. What I sort of learned is Mastery can happen over and over again. For example, focus on one thing for 10 years and master it, and you can master something every decade of your life. Or focus on 10 things, and master nothing.

"A man of many trades is a master of none".

But the idea of mastering something new every 10 years gave me a new sense of freedom, but then narrowed my options. What was I going to focus on now for the next 10 years? Then the question become more complicated, I eventually want to have a child, and I’ll like to have one in the next 5-7 years! What did this mean for me? It meant I needed to focus, b/c time was moving regardless of my indecisiveness!

I will be honest. I have come back to the drawing board. Do I try and write a blog every day? But then I will be mass producing them, and will they be as deep? My purpose in life is to help others, I know that. I’m 100% about that win-win. I have come back to the biggest question of them all, WHY? Why do I have these goals? Why do I want to be successful? Why do I believe the things I believe? Why do I want to help people? Why do I move the way I do in this life?

Tom Bilyeu- quoted someone else “our life is defined by the questions we ask ourselves”

I’m a minimalist when it comes to material things. I think last year before Christmas I purchased 3 things off amazon. I don’t care about “stuff” I care about the quality of my life. I have made a lot of money, several times in the wrong field, and although my bank account was growing, I was a miserable person. There is no need to be unhappy in this life. I am on a mission to be successful AND enjoy the journey. I have deep passions, and I am figuring out how to best incorporate them in my life.

Everyone is different, and my truth is different from your truth, and that is a very cool thing. We change, evolve, and that’s okay too. But I dare you to ask, why do you live the life you do? What are you goals and dreams, and are you taking the steps to get closer to them? Or are you getting in your own way? I’m pretty hard on myself, but I believe we have to be if we are to create some momentum to climb the mountain of aspirations and dreams. I am figuring out my 100 days. And when I figure it out, you will be the first to know! Till then, share, what is something you would be willing to do for 100 days to get closer to your biggest and truest dreams? Email me at, or simply comment below!

And till then, remember that you too can


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