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Just Start: It Doesn’t Have to be Yoga, But You Need to Move

I wrote a brief article about how great yoga is for your body and gaining access to your body’s full potential, but it doesn’t have to be yoga. The key is to move more. Waitresses, plumbers, tree trimmers, etc. are all people who move around all day; any movement is good movement.

Those professions come with stiff knees and lower back pain. Yoga is great for these people as well! Believe me, I’ve been there. But for the people who sit at work, then get in the car, go home and sit while eating dinner before lying in bed; you need to find time to move more. Moving just one hour a day will change your life.

Walking is great, walking outdoors in a safe area is even better. Many studies show that being out in nature helps with depression, anxiety, and overall mood. We need to be a part of nature, but for those who live deep in a city without access, your local gym will make due. Plus, you’ll get to meet other active people on their own journey to better themselves, working hard to maintain their individual goals.

You’ll still win as long as you keep moving. Tai Chi is a slow-moving martial arts style the Chinese have been practicing for a long time. They should know, their culture is around 5,000 years old.

Getting started is usually the hardest part. There’s a lot of fear that comes with change, and we naturally avoid fear and change for good reason. It’s what has given humans an edge in survival and development. Though it does have its drawbacks; the brain doesn’t always know best. The brain doesn’t want to walk or run, the brain wants to sit and watch stimulating TV, Netflix, Instagram, YouTube. Pick your poison. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

We humans are awesome for the fact that when we control the mind, and not the mind controlling us. We can create our reality. So put on your shoes, walk outside, and smell the flowers, or get on the treadmill and watch some TV, but whatever you do, you must start moving!

What helps the most is routine. When you tell the brain over and over “this is what we do”, the brain stops challenging you and says yes, “your right, this what we do, this is who we are.” Putting on your running shoes and getting there is half the battle, because your brain is going to try and stop you in the beginning. A new adventure will grow into a healthy routine over time.

“What if a guy stares at my butt while I’m walking?” First of all, if you work around men, someone has stared at your butt, and if you’re still bothered, wear baggy sweats with a tight string. They’re great for making you sweat out all the junk you’ve been eating!

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