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Juicing Fast: Day Eight Updates 1-13-2020

So today marks one week of fasting, and how have I done? I would score myself at a B+ because I’ve definitely cheated a few times. I had a bite of a cookie, ate a boiled egg one night because I was craving salt so badly, and had a small basic veggie broth soup (this is allowed). I’ve also had two salads (this is also allowed) because I had to go straight from work to a meeting as well as a few almonds here and there (hey, they were just sitting out for us at work, and it’s so temping to grab one every once in a while).

Let me tell you this though: there is a chef that makes fresh cookies every day at my job, and he even cooks home cooked meals from scratch. I am reminded of good food every day, so it’s definitely been a mental challenge.

A week later, the cookies don’t smell as enticing as they used to, and I’m certainly not as hungry as I was the first week. I just think, “Oh, it’s time for my juice!” then go back to what I was doing before. Now, I’m not going to say that I can’t wait to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant after this is all said and done, but I’m no longer starving all the time. Also, I did not work out the first week because I needed to give my body time to adjust to the lower number of calories I was taking in. However, I did work out this

weekend, and it felt great. I will be working out tonight after work!

I will warn you that you may experience the following during your first week:

1. Lightheadedness

2. Very strong cravings for sugar and salt

3. Stronger sense of smell

4. Irritation and crankiness

5. Tiredness at the end of the day. I’m used to pulling 12-16 hour days, but I was finding it very hard to focus and work after 9pm.

So how am I feeling today? Well, I woke up this morning a little sleepy, but I wasn’t very hungry. I said my affirmations, prayed, and left for work. I was in a good mood at work, was very productive, and it’s been only a banana and juice day (A+).

Benefits? ​

For starters, I’ve already seen a loss of 5 lbs. When I started this fast, I was at 133 lbs, and now I’m at 128 lbs. The last time I did this, I lost 20 lbs over a 4-week period (5 lbs/week), so if I continue this fast, I should lose about 15-20 lbs over the next 25 days. My skin has also been clear, bright, and without blemishes.

​ So why do this? Even though I eat healthy already, these kinds of fasts challenge you to take control of your mind and teach you how to control your emotions rather than letting them control you. It’s very spiritual to let go of food, and it gives your body an opportunity to cleanse itself. I do recommend juicing for anyone with an illness because all of the nutrients are a great way to boost your immune system.

I think it’s important to share the mess ups because it allows you to be real with yourself. You’re human, and you’re not perfect, but you can keep striving to be the best you!

I hope you enjoyed following me on this journey! Please stay tuned!

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