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Juicing Fast 1-6-20

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

So it’s been about 2 years since the last time I did this, but I’m super excited to share the experience of going on a 25 day juicing fast with you! (Jan. 6th - 30th) It’s very much so a mental thing because fasting is not easy, and your body wants food since food is what recharges us and keeps us alive! It’s 2020, and like most people, I ate a little more than I should have, worked out a little less than I should have, but what a better time to start the year off right? But why am I doing this? Well, it’s a quick way to shed those holiday pounds, great detox for all the things you shouldn’t have ate to leave your body, and after all the mental ligancy with the holidays, this is a great way to strengthen your mental focus.

​ There have been many studies on fasting, and different types. Some don’t eat certain foods, some only drink juice and eat raw veggies and fruits (what I’m doing), and the hardcore people do water fasting, which I wouldn’t recommend on your first fast. Watch “Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead”, a documentary supported with medical assistance in monitoring his vitals every week. In this documentary you watch him reduce his medications, get rid of a disease that he was struggling with, and help others do the same. How juicing is just filling your body with natural nutrients, all that while abstaining away from alcohol, tobacco, and any habit that may suppress the immune system, plus it makes your skin glow (at least it does for me). This may be a byproduct of me drinking even more water than I usually do because I’m so hungry the first week.

​ Fasting is hard, and if someone tells you it’s not, you probably shouldn’t listen to that person. You’re constantly smelling other people’s food, and let’s be honest when you tell people you’re on a fast. They like to tease you and tempt you with food to see if you will break!

​ Let me tell you what I will be doing. I will have my regular banana shake in the morning minus the peanut butter (banana, kale, almond milk, ice). Then for lunch and dinner I will be drinking pure veggie juice. That’s right! The bitter kale, spinach, with no fruit, or very little fruit such as one granny smith apple. Ginger, and cilantro helps, and if you feel spunky you can add turmeric, and cayenne pepper for other health benefits. There are so many juicing recipes on Pintrest. My only suggestion is don’t use too much fruit, use fruit in the morning, and veggies at night.

What happens when cravings hit? I’m a salt person, so when I get to about the 2nd week and I can’t stand it, I will make a very basic veggie broth based soup: Squash with Not-Chik-N Bouillon, topped with green onion, this will help the salt cravings. Also, it’s hard to sleep on an empty stomach, have a piece of fruit at night, or sliced cucumbers if you’re starving, this will make it easier to sleep.

You will eventually stop being hungry and the juice will be enough, the stomach pain will go away, and you will have a burst of energy, it’s crazy! So stayed tuned, I’ll be giving an update of how it’s going, and I hope you have fun following me on this journey! Let’s rock 2020!

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