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Go For It, Take An Adventure!

I apologize I’ve been gone for a while; I’ve been preparing for a new adventure! I’m moving to school that teaches Yoga, Tai Chi, Neuro-linguistics Programing, and other amazing classes! It’s scary and nerve racking. I’m going from living in a beautiful house with one roommate, to a small community, in a room with a

shared kitchen and bathroom. It's a little daunting, but I'm ready. I know in my heart that it’s meant to be. I just said yes, and things started to fall into place. My mom is moving into an apartment the exact same day I am, and so she needs a couch, dining table, and all the things I need a place to store! My friends and family have been supportive, and there are 3 entrepreneurs (that I know of so far) that live there, bringing me closer to my dream of working with and collaborating with social, progressive, entrepreneurs. I am so excited, it’s hard to describe it in words. But I’m not going to lie, after the excitement wore off the doubt flooded in.

What if I move in with a bunch of hippies, and I am the average worth of the 5 people I’m surrounded by, and I’m destine to be poor my whole life, and I will never own my own business, b/c I’ve failed so many times already, and…STOP. That is Fear, Worry, Doubt, and Poverty Mindset. The worst thing that could happen is I live somewhere close to where I get to take yoga classes regularly, and develop my meditation skills, and then move on to the next step. And plus, I couldn’t pass this opportunity and wonder my whole life, what would if have been like if I would have just took the leap? So, I’m moving in next week. I’m nervous, excited, grateful, and most of all ready to make a lot of like-minded life long friends. Also, I will say this group of friends are kind, loving, unique, and most of all, they are about being progressive and giving back to humanity, the planet, and growing spiritually. Imperfection is what makes it interesting, the unknown makes it exciting, and I’m ready! I’ve already paid, this time to do this!

There is apart of me that feels a little lost, but I feel that’s the part of discovery, and doing something you’ve never done before, you just don’t know, you just pick a direction, and go that way. I’ve always been a dreamer, thinker, and now I’m working on being a do’er. Still working on my purpose, my business idea, and what I’m supposed to do, and what I should do first, but I’m moving in the right direction I can feel it.

Sometimes I get sad that I’m 33 years old, single, no kids, and no pets, but it is the absence of those things that has allowed me to take this adventure. And to answer your question, yes, I want to be a mother, a wife, and have my own business, but I am taking the actions I feel I need in order to make those things happen. I know I said it before, and I will say it again, or let Carl say it…

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”. Carl Gustav Jung

I am putting in the effort to “BEE-ing”. To the Bee the person I dream about, to be the hero in my own movie, to take the action I need to take in order to be the person I image myself to be and more.

But back to what I was saying, I’m working on BEING the person I want to be, not just dreaming and thinking. There is a paradigm in my life that is shifting. And I hope this blog inspires you to be the hero in your movie. And Just Remember that you too can


BTW my Instagram Account @ BeeChangeOT was hacked, so please ignore all “scammy” messages about bitcoin, I am working on getting my account back.

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