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Fruit Sugar is Your Friend

Start your day out right with a healthy serving of sweet fruit. Although many fear eating tons of sugar, fruit sugar can help sustain you throughout the day!

Healthy Bowl of Fruit for Breakfast

I don't know how many times I’ve told someone I had fruit for breakfast and the first thing they said was, “isn't that a lot of sugar?” It makes me laugh because I'm thinking to myself, “do you know how much sugar is in a bagel, yogurt, granola bar, and most cereals?”

Not only that, these sugars are processed.

The body loves fruit, it has natural sugar and it naturally comes with fiber. Loading up on fruit allows me to get that sugar I need in order to get me started in the morning without having to depend on coffee or caffeine.

If fruit isn’t enough for you, try adding an organic, low calorie and sugar granola bar for those complex carbohydrates to keep you fuller longer. It will also help stabilize your blood sugar.

The last thing you want is a sugar spike then crash. That's when you start dragging at work and performing at less-than-optimal rates.

Remember, fruit sugar is good for you. So load up!

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