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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail has been reverberating in my mind as if late. Phase I, was just getting up and show up, but after I got that down it was time to move to Phase II- (get a plan), so I’ve now devised something of a working plan.

Napoleon Hill said it best, “Power is just highly organized energy”

When I first heard that in one of his books, I was like that’s not what power is. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Like, what is a government but organized chains of command, what is a corporation but organized departments to help the company run efficiently? And the more I thought about that statement, the more I realized it was true.

Because I had never heard that definition of power before, I had to really sit with it, and think about it. Which lead me to my next phase of execution on my dreams. I had finally figured out a way to get up at 4am (it’s still a work in progress), but when I sat down at my desks to work, I felt overwhelmed and disorganized. What was next, where do I start, what is my plan of action? I felt like I was beginning over and over again. So, yes, the plan to get more organized!

Side Note: I know in this blog I reference a lot of books, inspirational speakers, and what not, but like Tom Bilyeu (or was it Gary Vee), anyways, one of them said, “just give credit where credit is due”. I didn’t just wake up and have these thoughts, they’ve accumulated over the years of reading, and studying how to become successful, but back to the point, plan of action and getting organized!

In the book “Mastery”, the author talks about Benjamin Franklin, and how he tracked his process. So, I got out a piece of paper, wrote down what I thought would be a good schedule to start out with. I grabbed one of my many compact journals, and will be tracking my activity for the next 6 months. So, now I have Jerry Seinfeld’s don’t break the streak on working on your dreams, and Benjamin’s goal tracker technique if you will. This concept was also touched on in the book "Atomic Habits".

The same applies with every aspect of my life. I plan out my grocery list before I go to the store, so I save time there. I plan out my meal prep before I go to the grocery shop. And this week, I even planned out my workout routine. I’ve graduated from just showing up, to now, let's shape this body (and life) into what I want it to be. I’ve scheduled in prayer and meditation (which was cut short this morning b/c I shamefully hit the snooze button this morning). I’m on a journey. I’m not perfect, and obviously life happens, and plans change, but having a fluid plan in place and then learning to adjust is all a part of the fun!

So, here is a list of things, I said, I have to have in my life, b/c they are important to me, and then I make sure they are scheduled into my life.

1. Prayer & Meditation (again, I’m a spiritual person, not religious)

2. Write- Blog to hopefully help seekers like me find a starting point in which to break the paradigms of their past, and create a new reality

3. Become a Successful Entrepreneur- learn how to be a successful business woman

4. Connect with like-minded people- more minds is better than one

5. Stay fit- yoga, cardio, strength, flexibility

6. Eat Healthy- take care of the temple that was given to me

7. Read- listening to Audible, and reading physical books to increase my knowledge

8. Spend time with my family

9. Have fun- drawing, watching a movie twice a month, naps, writing about nothing in cafes, and whatever my heart desires in the moment that brings me happiness

That’s what’s important to me. So, I challenge you to write down what is important to you, and then create a plan to make it happen. Don’t get mad if it fails, that just means, you’ve figured out what doesn’t work (see Thomas Edison 10,000 failures to create the light bulb), and it’s time to try again! Life is an experiment, and the cool thing is you get to figure out what works, and what doesn’t. I can’t wait to see what you wonderful Bees have created for yourselves!

Please share you goals in the comments, or feel free to email me at

And remember you can…


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