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Facing Limiting Beliefs

I am a firm believer in trying again and again till you figure out how to accomplish your goal. But in order not to be insane, you have to add or subtract ideas and methods to what you are doing, yet stay consistent with the core goal.

When I was 28 years old, I went through a purge. I purged my ex who cheated on me, I purged my friends who were not really my friends, and I purged the city I had been living in for 6 years. I was ready to make another shift, and I decided in that moment I was going to become an entrepreneur. The core idea was to learn how to make money online. But how? Apparently making money online isn’t as easy as Googling “how to make money online”, and the answer just presents itself. The answer was, you have to create a business that just so happens to be online. How scary!

You mean I was going to have to create a business that statistically was going to fail?! That thought right there hindered me. I was going to fail. But I had to make peace with that. Failing is apart of the process, and at the time I was not good at failing, nor was a good at winning apparently. When I become ready to start a business, I quickly realized a lot of characteristics in my life holding me back. Here were some limiting beliefs that ultimately lend me to reading many, many self-help, and spiritual growth books.

Limiting Beliefs

1. If I succeed, people will look into my background, shame me, and I will then fail even bigger!

2. I am not worthy of owning a business

3. I don’t know how to start a business

4. What if I put all this time into something and I fail anyways?

5. Will I miss out on all the fun in life?

6. Will my future husband approve of me making a lot of money?

7. What sort of business can I start anyways?

8. I can’t start a business doing what I love, I will have to own a business I hate in order to make money.

9. Artists don’t make money off their art till after they are dead.

10. If I make a lot of money my family will ask me for money, I will have to tell them no at some point and they will hate me and shun me from the family.

11. My family will talk shit about me if I make a lot of money.

And that’s just a few of the many beliefs that I had to look in the eye and say, that’s all a bunch of bullshit. Family is going to judge you regardless, you have money they judge you, you’re a broke loser they judge you, so I have to let that one go. And all the other ones, I know come from my upbringing.

But that’s why I started to write this blog in the first place, to show people that a very imperfect person like me, can change all of that hindering behavior. That even if you come from dysfunctional backgrounds, the projects, the country ghetto, or whatever your background, you can and have the choice to change your mind when you choose to do so.

So to announce, today I took one tiny action step towards a goal. It was small, it was tiny, but I showed up, and that’s what I’m learning more and more. Consistency, persistence, and focus are what help one to stay on track. I’ve talk about it before, but the Japanese technique to do something for 60 seconds but do it every day. Just do it every day, and then you build up the confidence to do it longer and longer. It’s okay to say you are scared, just do it anyways! It’s okay to fail, love yourself, and move forward anyways! I’m so grateful for my life today. It’s not perfect, it’s not close to where I want to be, but I take steps every day to get closer to my dreams and that’s what matters. Sure, I have a life, and I have a lot of things going on, but in the morning for 1 hour I have carved out time for Lydia to build on her dreams, and that is what I will continue to do till I have reached my goals. And when I hit those goals, I will create some more. And I will continue to give back to my fellow humans. I will continue to give back to the planet, and I will continue to be me, imperfect me means I’m-perfect (Book- You’re a Badass at Making Money).

So, share in the comments what your dreams and aspirations are! I love to hear how you BEE’s are doing! Till then, remember you can


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