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Doing vs Saying

Carl Gustav Jung: “You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”

I have always been a dreamer. I have dreamt about wild crazy things I would do, but in my adulthood, I have been confronted. I love to dream and talk about what I will do, but when it comes to the doing part, well, let’s say I’m working on it. It seems like as of late I’ve been taking bites of this humble pie called life. For instance, I told my boss that I’ve been waking up at 4 am to work on my blog. Well, yesterday it was raining (perfect time to sleep in), and even though I had went to bed at 8pm, I didn’t get up till about 7:21am, and to my horror he had text me the night before, and that morning. Omg, he’s going to think I’m a liar! I’m sure he’s not that concerned about it, but the life I’m living today of “be impeccable with your word”- book The Four Agreements, it was a hard hit to my ego and pride. I want my word to be solid. I want people to know, when I say I’ll be there at 8:30am I’m there at 8:25am. I want people to know I will come to their events when I say I will come. I want and will live a life of truth. So, when I said I’m going to wake up at 4am every day, I either need to do it, or not say it till I’m doing it (again as I’ve fallen off the bandwagon).

But I contemplated on that last night. Was waking up at 4am that good of a plan? Was I happy? Was it sustainable? I’m still answering that question, but the lesson I’m learning is to be more fluid and less rigid. I’m here, working on this blog, and I’ve truly asked myself why? Why am I here writing? The Goal was to show those who are trying to change their paradigm that you can do whatever you want to do in life, but you have to choose. You can have anything, but not everything. I am constantly having to refocus my goals. I like to do a lot of things, and I’m learning how to focus on one thing at a time. For example, my daily routine I want these things in my life.

1. Prayer & Meditation

2. Reading

3. Exercise

4. Organic high-quality food

5. Side hustle- creating another stream of revenue

6. Evolving my mindset, expanding my network

7. Art- creative expression

But then I start to go overboard with it.

1. Prayer & Meditation

a. Need to practice Monroe Institution course, finish the CIA Gateway Project

b. Need to take Dr. Joe Dispenza’s course

2. Read

a. Audible books aren’t enough, I need to read physical books

b. Jim Kwik- I need to take his course to learn how to speed read

c. I have 150 books on my reading list, I need to read all of them in one year

3. Exercise-

a. Workout 5 days a week and rest

b. Yoga courses- I should join a yoga class

c. I should learn martial arts

4. Organic Food

5. Side hustle

a. I should write a blog

b. I should do a side hustle

c. I need to learn how to invest

d. I should take a Dave Ramsey course

6. Evolving my mindset, expanding my network

a. Seminars

i. Tony Robbins

ii. Eric Thomas

iii. Robert Kiyosaki

iv. Dr. Joe Dispenza

v. Business events in Dallas

7. Art

a. I should be drawing once a week

b. I need to 3 three paintings this year

c. I should write a book

d. I should make a cookbook

e. I should do an e-book guide to healthy eating

And honestly, I could keep adding to that list, and keep adding to the “what I should be doing" list. I didn’t even put on what I should be learning for my job either. The truth is, I have to learn how to focus. It’s a learning process. And honestly I can do those things above, but I have to plan them out, give myself time to see what I truly want and don’t want. What I want is to be happy, and contribute to the Greater Good.

The whole point of this blog today was to really take a look at what I’m doing versus what I say I’m going to do. And this is what I am doing.

1. Waking up before work to write for the blog-or edit

2. Listening to Audible books

3. Exercise- light yoga, (back injury is almost completely healed)

4. Planted based eating

5. Studying for a side hustle I can start as I’ve decided to cut the last project

6. Listen to Entrepreneur Podcasts (Entrepreneurs on Fire) watch education videos

7. Writing

That’s what I’ve been doing Dec20-Dec30th. I always wish it was more, but sometimes you just have to say, hey, I’m moving in the right direction. I’m doing what I can today in order to be a better person than I was yesterday. Swallow another bite of humble life pie. I hope that you are inspired to keep going. Kevin Hart was unsuccessful 18 years-35 years old, Jim Carey carried a $10 million check he wrote to himself for years before he got his big break, and many more tried many things for years before they figured it out. I’m not here to tell you I figured it out, I’m here to tell you don’t stop till you get to your goals. Then when you get there, create more goals. And more importantly don’t forget it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. It’s the journey that makes life. Please share what your New Year’s Resolutions are, and how you’ve been working on your dreams! Until then, remember that you too can...


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