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Come on a Journey with Me

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

When I began this blog, I wanted to genuinely connect with others. I wanted to share my journey with honesty, revealing myself as a real person struggling with real problems. One of those issues is mental illness. Unfortunately, mental illness affects those closest to me but I have to come to realize that life is not over. I always remember, no war has ever been won without tears. It’s through our actions that we seek to heal and strengthen ourselves to handle the things we need to work on. Progress is incremental. Walk when you can walk, run when you can run. When you can only crawl, strengthen those fingers!

The mind is a wondrous thing. It’s a machine capable of accomplishing anything each day but it needs the right maintenance. Caring for the body is caring for the mind. Much like a car, the longer it sits, the more difficult it runs. Starting your fitness journey isn’t about sprinting to the finish line. It’s about taking those important steps, one foot at a time.

Countless research has found that exercise decreases depression, anxiety, and mental sluggishness. Physical exercise dramatically improves your emotional well-being. No matter where you are in life, starting changes is about the simple steps. Unless you’re David Googins, every moment is about appreciating small gains. Every person is different, each person lives life their own way. Don’t let others define your journey.

Personal Growth Takes Time

Personally, my fitness journey has been long and arduous. My gains and losses have come and gone yet my process never stops. Despite my inconsistent weight loss and gains, nothing that happens in my life has ever stopped me. Regardless of any heartache or whether I found justice for the loss of my grandmother, my journey continues. Even in moments of shame and fear, I always recognize the importance of growth. No matter how many times I get hit, I realize the most important part of change is learning from the pain.

Every moment is an opportunity for growth. Walking, running, yoga, Pilates, Stairmaster, or quick squats; there are endless ways to get your life moving in the right direction. Personally, I wish we could power our televisions pedaling stationary bikes; you would be shocked how much energy you possess. Even Netflix binge time is a good time to get started.

I’m excited to share my yoga journey with you. While I’ve been able to build strong arms and legs with a subtle routine, my flexibility and core have a long way to go. I hope you enjoy following my voyage and feel inspired to move! Engage your physical soul with your spiritual body through the time and space you’re blessed with!

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