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Cheesy Vegan Broccoli Soup Recipe

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

This fun and easy recipe is a great way to enjoy the cheesy broccoli soup you ate as a kid without the stomachache and guilt!  It’s loaded with tons of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and none of its processed except the vegan chicken bouillon, and you can easily skip that and use your prefer all season seasonings! I hope you loved this recipe; there will be more to come!  Join me on this journey to making healthy food Delicious & Nutritious!


- 2 cups of unsalted cashews

- Unsweetened Almond milk

- Large carrots

- 1 head of cauliflower

- 5-8 cloves of Garlic

- Small White Onion or ½ of a large onion

- Broccoli

- Celery


1. Nutritional Yeast

2. 2 cubes of Not Chik-N Bouillon

3. Smoke Paprika

4. Salt & Pepper to taste

5. Olive oil

High speed blender will be needed!!!

Cheesy Vegan Cheese Sauce

​There are a million ways to make Vegan Cheese sauce, and what I’ve found to taste the best and keep it light on calories is to take two recipes and combine them into one! I took a cauliflower based vegan sauce, a cashew based cheese sauce, and magic!  The reason I did this is b/c the cauliflower added helps reduce the amount of calories, but the cashews are a great and easy way to add protein to the meal.  


First take pan and oil it with olive oil. Throw in the 2 cups of cashews, 2 cubes of Not Chik-N bouillon, small white onion, 6-8 gloves of garlic depending on size, and sauté.  When the cashews start to get dry on the inside throw in ½ cup of water and let sizzle on low heat to rehydrate them.

In a separate pan boil 3 large peeled carrots and the head of cauliflower until very soft.  

Now throw everything in a high speed blender with the remaining spices, 3 tablespoons (or more is you like) of nutritional yeast, ½ teaspoon of smoke paprika, salt  & pepper.  Add about 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk, and slowly add more until you get a smooth blend but try not to add too much milk, and if it tastes too much like almond to you, feel free to add water instead of more milk.  Set aside.

Next boil broccoli just for a little, set aside.

Chop up your celery and sauté it with just salt & pepper until it softens just a little.

​Now get a large pan and mix it all together!  Cheesy sauce, lightly boiled broccoli, sautéed celery, and on low heat mix until the broccoli and celery are at your preferred softness, I personally like my veggies a little crunchy b/c this is meal prep and they will be reheated for lunch.

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