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Bored, Dreams, & Passions

If you have not read a book, or taken a free online course during this coronavirus and you have been “bored” then you do not care about your future. The American dream is to not have to work, but instead enjoying the things that you love in life. If nothing else, why were you not pursuing a hobby like painting, writing, yoga, dance, learning at home workouts, learning to cook a new dish, learning about finance, learning about real e-state, read books on a subject you’ve always wanted to learn, studied a different language, and so on and so forth. All of the things I listed above most people could have done during this coronavirus. My biggest one is, if you want to learn how to make money from home, and learn e-commerce, why didn’t you start a business during the coronavirus? I’m a baffled by people who say they are bored. I’m just thinking, so you want to go back to your job that you hate, b/c you are not willing to invest in yourself? B/c you don’t want to think about what you would enjoy for the rest of your life, but you would rather binge watch Netflix, gain 15 pounds, and complain about not being entertained enough? Entertain yourself! Invest in yourself! I know that the country is finally starting to open up, but who knows if another pandemic might happen! What will you do again?

Sometimes, I envy people who have free time, and I think, man I wish I wasn’t so busy all the time, but then I think about what would I be doing? Probably the same thing I am now, diving deep into my passions, pursuing my dreams, and working hard so that I may do amazing things in my lifetime like travel the world, write a book in my leisure, purchase my dream home, and give back to society. But I know that only with hard work and perseverance will I be able to accomplish these things. I’m the hobby queen as you know. I like to paint, write, read, study the stock market, learn to cook new things, and I’m working on my yoga handstand. One thing you will never hear come out of my mouth is “I’m bored”. There is always another running trail to be discovered, book to read, or subject to learn in order to invest in myself. If you love yourself, then you invest in yourself, period. Watching Netflix is fun, but don’t let that be all you do while you have the most valuable commodity available to you, your time. Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, but my question to you is, what do you do with your time? We live in the informational age, and pretty much every subject you can imagine there is free information on it on the internet, from stocks, to sewing, creating a patio garden, and whatever else you are interested in.

My hopes that you reading this, will help move you to get up and invest in yourself. Invest in your passions, and do more. Do more for yourself! Everyone has a dream, and the beautiful thing is all of our dreams are different and unique so we should all follow our spirit’s path. Sit down with yourself and think, what would I love to do every day, and write it down, and take bite sized steps in order to get there. As you know life is not about the sprint, it’s about the marathon. I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you loved it, and/or know someone who could use a little motivation, please share! And remember, you too can BeeTheChangeOverTime!

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