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30 Day Dream Challenge!

So, David Meltzer has this challenge on Instagram. And I hate to say it, but he’s right. Can you do 5 things for 30 day or are you getting in your own way? I thought to myself, what have I been doing for 30 days in order to align myself with my dreams?

1. No alcohol for 42 days

2. Meditation every day

3. Praying every day (and yes this is different from meditation)

4. Listening to audio book and/or positive motivational video every day

5. Eating healthy every day

When I looked at my list, I thought, where are my dreams? Not to say that staying sober isn’t apart of my dream in life to be a healthy and happier person, but my side hustle, or my actually dream to become an entrepreneur and help people was not on there, and I really had to think to myself, what 5 things do I need to do in order to bring myself closer to my dreams?

1. Article- write every day

2. Meditate & Prayer in the same setting

3. Read, Audio book, Positive motivational Videos

4. Eat healthy and limit the amount you eat-out at all possible cost $$$

5. Workout every day, either yoga on rest days, or cardio and strength training on active days

Now, when I look at this list, I think, okay, can I do this? I mean, why not? I write every day anyways, but writing for myself will not bring me any closer to my dreams. So, I did something, I reached out to my friend to help me revise my blog/website, and really help me commit to doing what I need to do, and that is helping others by sharing my story. I can no longer live in fear. My fear is…

Fear of Success Leading to Fear of Failure

I am afraid to become successful only to be lashed out at, and torn down to my brutal failure. I am afraid of my success, that it will bring me an even worse failure, that saying, the bigger the giant the harder they fall. That is my truth. If I want be successful, I have to stop being afraid of success leading to failure. It’s a trap I’ve set for myself, and I have to let it go. I’ve already made my peace with God, if my background and life mistakes help save one life, then it’s all worth it. If I can help people overcome their shame and guilt, and learn to forgive themselves, like I am struggling to do now, then I have succeeded. My perseverance, in turn, is your motivation.

I woke up this morning, and thought, Lydia, there is no reason you should not be writing an article every day. Even if you're suck, even if nothing happens, if you don’t try and put your heart into it, you will never know. You will never discover your truth. I will never discover my truth, if I am afraid to use my skill, and I know that is writing.

I have been asking God, what is my talent and skill, all the while writing it over and over again. 1,000’s of pages of writing and searching, and it was “write” here (see what I did there) at my finger tips. Sure, there are a ton of motivational MEN speakers out there, but I wanted to be the woman’s voice I am missing.

Don’t get me wrong, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Lewis Howell, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, Paul Murphy, Dr. Joe Dispenza, David Goggins, Bruce Lipton, Bob Proctor, Denzel Washington, Matthew McConaughey, just to name a few, are the people who got me started. Now, there are a few women sprinkled here and there I’ve listened to, Mel Robbins helps me with my anxiety attacks, Oprah Winfrey’s clips have inspired me, Lisa Nichols (from “The Secret” & gives me hope that black women are striving to be positive and progressive, but I’m looking for someone who’s dedicated themselves to interviews like Brian Rose- London Real, and Lewis Howell. A woman who does these things. Now, I did watch some of Tom Bilyeu wife’s Lisa Bilyeu, and that was cool, but I’m looking for something a little different. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m going to find out.

I do believe that I am a connector. I truly love people. Now that I’m focusing on the right sort of people, I know that my life is only going to change for the better. Not easy, but I must try. I have SO MANY ideas on who I want to connect with and why. But, first things first, I must add value to my people. Free, no strings attached, value.

Bees, my call to action is, find something that you are truly passionate about, and do it. Stop worrying about, is it good enough, will it work, is it a waste of time. If you love to do it, then just do it! Again, your story, service, product, problem solver, if it helps one person, then you know that you are headed in the right direction. And don’t just do it for a day, do it every day for 30 days, that way you will know if this the right path for you! If you loved this article please share it, and remember that you too can


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