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Lydia Walker

Blogger, Fitness and Mindfulness Advocate 

Passionate and driven. I’m a firm believer that whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish; it doesn’t matter when you start. Coming from a poor neighborhood surrounded by crime and drugs, I still worked diligently to maintain high grades and get into college all while coping with my Grandmother’s murder.


Self-made isn’t the way to describe how I got here. It’s through the love and kindness of others and through the inner strength I gathered inside myself to make it through my trials and tribulations.


So, for the seekers, this is for you. 


This is a place to start your journey, no matter where you stand today. Your past is history, your future is yours to create, and your present is the only thing you control in your reality. Breathe in. Feel It. You did that. You created that spirit inside, waiting to surface again; just don’t forget to breathe. 

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